Our First 2021 Newsletter

Worried About Germs?

With bad news all around us, how can we keep our
bodies in tip-top shape? Should we fear germs? Do this:

Take a deep breath. You just breathed in millions of germs. You really did. But don’t be scared. We are all covered, inside and out, with billions upon billions of germs: bacteria, viri, fungi etc., etc., etc. All the time. Yet 99.99999% of the time, you’re not sick. Why? Because germs don’t make you sick.

When you are sick, you make germs. Germs only grow in a stressed, malnourished, toxic body. Germs cannot take hold in a well-functioning body. How do you ensure proper function?

Visit your chiropractor! When your body is free of subluxations, it functions at closer to 100%. You digest and absorb food better, you have less stress, and you detoxify more effectively. Come in for chiropractic care for the best protection against germs, and bring your kids and grandparents in too!


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For Your Health,

Dr. Scott Van Dam

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