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Welcome To May’s Health Newsletter

Strengthen Your Immune System with Chiropractic

Good Health is Easy; Sickness Takes Work

You are the product of hundreds of generations of strong, healthy, intelligent ancestors. Think about it—every one of your many ancestors needed to be healthy to live long enough to at least reach puberty; every ancestor needed to be attractive enough to find a mate; every ancestor needed to be smart enough to survive in this difficult world and be able to raise heirs.

You have inherited a wonderful body designed to keep you going for (believe it or not) over a hundred years in perfect physical and mental health. Oops! But it doesn’t always seem that way. A lifetime of physical, mental, and chemical stress can weaken us and cause our bodies to malfunction. One of the most serious forms of stress you can have in your body is the subluxation.

What is a Subluxation?

A subluxation is a tiny distortion in your spine that causes nerve damage. Subluxations create disharmony in your body, a precondition for sickness and disease of all kinds. Subluxations have been linked to internal organ weakness as well as abnormal stress on your muscles, cartilage, and discs. Subluxations have also been linked to arthritis, spinal degeneration, lowered resistance to disease, premature aging, loss of height, unbalanced posture, weakness, and pain.

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Custom Orthotics – More Than Shoe Insoles

Functional Orthotics as Part of a Wellness Protocol

Most Chiropractors advertise pain relief without drugs and care for injuries. Many doctors and practices have begun labeling and promoting themselves as Wellness Centers. A wellness practice is focused on both maintaining a pre-existing level of musculoskeletal balance and postural health and preventing conditions that might alter this state of health. The challenge is, how can
healthy patients help be protected from problems that might arise in the future? The answer is simple: custom-made orthotics. Custom orthotics may be traditionally seen as a preventative measure, but so are most treatments of old. They are the perfect, foundational support your patients will never want to go without.

Wellness is a great concept—one of those “win-win” situations for doctors and patients. Orthotics are the perfect way to implement this concept and help establish a “preventative” approach, in addition to the traditional reactive ones, if need be. Let’s take at a look at the foundation of the body, and see just how useful orthotics can be.

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Welcome To February’s Health Newsletter


Measures to Minimize COVID-19 infection and maximize your immunity to protect yourself, family, and loved ones:

1. Receive regular frequent chiropractic adjustments (according to Dr. Donald Pero’s, PH. D., Chief of Research at New York’s Preventative Medical Institute and Professor of Medicine at New York University). Dr. Pero’s research study of 107 individuals who received long term chiropractic care chiropractic patients had a remarkable 200% greater immune competence than those who didn’t receive chiropractic care. Despite a wide range of ages in this study, immune competence did not show any decline with age and remained uniform for the entire group. It is for this reason that new patients are encouraged to keep their chiropractic appointments to increase their immune system defenses and protect against all infectious diseases. Existing patients are encouraged to keep their adjustment appointments and to consider an increase in their frequency in their adjustments to maximize their immune and nervous system function.

2. COVID-19 clinic protocols involve social distancing during your clinic visit. Our reception area allows for 6 feet distance between patients entering and exiting our clinic. Additionally, our frequent disinfection protocols and procedures have always been and will remain exceptional. Our clinic facility allows patients to be adjusted without coming near (6 feet) of other patients.

3. Protect and confine your elderly loved ones (80+ yrs old) and minimize any public contact especially those with chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, lung disease, immune disease, and/or diabetes.


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Welcome To March’s Health Newsletter

An Eternal Spring

Winter, spring, summer, fall, winter, spring, summer, fall, winter—those are the seasons and the cycles of life. Birth, growth, decay and death, these are the seasons of our lives. Yet our macrocosm is a reflection of our microcosm because every organ, tissue and cell has its own cycle of life. Throughout our lives, there is constant birth, growth, decay, death and rebirth. Your body is alive but not static, it must replace its parts all the time.

Every cell in your body is replaced at least once every 7-8 years. But some are replaced at an astounding rate. For example, your body replaces about 4 million red blood cells every day, your stomach cells are replaced every 2-4 days. You have a new skin every 10-30 days, a new cervix every 6 days, new taste buds every 10 days. There are just a few parts of your body where the cells are not replaced: you don’t replace lens cells or oocytes in the ovaries—they are for life.

The key to healing is to replace sick or damaged cells with healthy cells. How do we do that? Chiropractic care is a very powerful healing art that helps to keep your body properly balanced, without obstructions to your nerves and brain, so life energy and information may flow to all your parts and you become healthier day by day. Regular chiropractic care ensures that your body is free from life-damaging spine and nerve stress.

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Welcome To February’s Health Newsletter

Chiropractic Q and A


What is a subluxation and why are they so dangerous?


A subluxation is a distortion in your spinal column and body structure that affects your brain, spinal cord, and nervous system. Chiropractors spend years learning how to locate and adjust subluxations using various physical testing devices, body biofeedback, and other instruments as well as X-rays and imaging devices. Why are subluxations so bad?


The subluxation is a “communication disorder” wherein your parts have become disconnected; your parts, muscles, discs, ligaments, and organs aren’t working together as efficiently as they could be working; there may be too much or too little cerebral spinal fluid, lymphatic fluid and/or blood flow to vital body organs. When you are disconnected your resistance to disease lowers, your ability to detoxify from life’s stresses drops and you are less alive. The term used to describe this is dis-ease.

The Goal of the Chiropractor

The goal of the chiropractor is to locate and remove subluxations so you may be better connected to yourself.


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Welcome To January’s Health Newsletter

Adjusting to a New Year

Every year, we all find ourselves caught in the fray of adjusting to a new year. Whether it’s getting used to writing a new year at the end of the date or taking action on a new year’s resolution, starting a new year can feel like a fresh start. Although most changes made are dependent on one’s ability to commit, other changes will require the assistance of a professional. Since you’re starting a new year, why not make sure that your spine and joints are free of subluxations? Starting a new year with a chiropractic adjustment can help you realign your body by putting your health first.

Why Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractors go through several years of studying the body before they begin adjusting patients. After they graduate and begin their practice, they are responsible for continuing their education every one or two years, depending on the state in which they practice. Many doctors who practice alternative medicine are tasked with the same requirements to continue in their profession. For chiropractors, a new year means more education. Continued education allows chiropractors to engage in refresher courses on best practices in business and the various bodily systems just to ensure that they are up-to-date with the most recent techniques and equipment.


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