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“Dr. Van Dam has helped our family so much! We’ve been going to him for over 12 years. He’s helped through my pregnancy, our athletic events, our babies, and now our older children. We are so thankful for his care and expertise! Thank you, Dr. Van Dam, for your care of your patients!”

– Kayla G.

“I’m so grateful for Dr. Van Dam and his staff. I have been going there for 5 months and feel much better. My sciatica is gone, and my lower back pain is 0-1. He discovered that I need a heel lift in my shoe with a simple x-ray. I am especially thankful to get around without pain and enjoyed our 50th wedding anniversary and road trips to Wisconsin. I believe the Lord led me to go there.”

– Karen E.

“Scott and his team are awesome. He knows the questions to ask and does a great job of treating one’s needs. Clean facility, and they are very prompt with service. Thanks, Dr. Scott, for all you do for my family and me.”

– Ryan S.

“Highly recommend! I started seeing him a few weeks ago with a back injury friendly, explained what needed to be done, and was very thorough. He started a treatment plan, and I’m back to feeling great! Cares for his patients’ long term overall health and wellness.”

– Amber B.

Dr. Van Dam is the best in town. He actually cares and doesn’t keep you coming back for his gain. He’s so nice, and his entire staff is too.

– Emily F.

DR. Van Dam Is great, knowledgeable, and super friendly! We even took our 2-month-old to make sure everything was okay after me having her through natural birth. He helped us resolve her gas/colic problem!!

– Jazmin L.

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