Should I Go To A Chiropractor?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I alive?
  2. Do I have a brain and nerve system?
  3. Do I have a spinal column and skeletal system?

If you answered yes to these three questions, run over to your neighborhood chiropractor for a check-up.

This may be a bit humorous, but we’re making an important point. You’ve been getting various check-ups from different doctors for most of your life, yet have ignored your spine and structure.

You get dental check-ups, you get your eyes and vision checked, your hearing checked, your heart checked, but what about your spine?

For thousands of years, all over the world, the spine’s health was considered essential to the health of the body. Japanese, Chinese, Indian, African, Polynesian, American Indian, ancient Greek and ancient Egyptian cultures practiced spinal care.

About 300 or so years ago, spinal care was becoming a lost art as more and more healers turned to the
chemical medicine that is now dominant in society. Over time, spinal health was all but forgotten.
This is ironic, considering the father of medicine, Hippocrates, said, “Look well to the spine for the cause
of diseases.”

Thankfully, spinal and structural care is having a renaissance. Times are changing as more and more people turn to chiropractic care. Please bring in your whole family for chiropractic check-ups and care; you’ll see a beautiful improvement in everyone’s well-being.

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