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Sport & Chiropractic

Top athletes from all over the world rely on Chiropractic to keep their body structure balanced, their nervous system healthy, and their muscles and joints functioning at their peak.

Name the sport: golf, tennis, baseball, football, soccer, track, swimming, hockey, martial arts, wrestling, and all the others – Top players in all these fields use chiropractic to give them the winning edge. Why? Chiropractic promotes better balance, improved coordination, increased strength, and vitality. Athletes are fine-tuned and very sensitive to their bodies. That’s why they make some of the most grateful chiropractic patients.

Because of the above benefits, Chiropractic can help prevent sports injuries and can also help an injured player return to the game or competition faster.

Of course, you don’t need to be an Olympian or a professional athlete to go to a chiropractor; anyone who uses their body needs it to function at its peak. That means everyone: computer users, even kids on their smartphones (they especially need Chiropractic structural care).

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Enjoy Our January Newsletter

The Germ Theory

Today news stories are all about germs causing infections, epidemics, and pandemics with a new “variant” ready to get us. What if germs didn’t cause disease?

Germs are all around us. We breathe germs all the time, and they inhabit every nook and cranny of our bodies; we have a balanced relationship with them. Our obsession with germs is based on The Germ Theory. It was born when the microscope was discovered, and germs were found in sick people. The theory says that a different germ causes every disease. This theory has only one problem – it has never been proven. In fact, the opposite has been proven.

The Alternative

The hygienic system has been around for thousands of years and has survived the test of time. It says that germs don’t make you sick; instead, when your body is sick (malnourished, toxic, subluxated, tired, weak, stressed), germs appear to eat weak, diseased, dying, and toxic tissue.

When your tissues are strong, infections don’t exist, and the billions of germs always in and around us don’t grow out of control.

Don’t Be Scared Of Germs

The bottom line is that healthy people don’t get other people sick. Sick people don’t make people sick. Stop being scared of germs; they have their place. You can’t escape them from entering your body unless you stop eating, drinking, and breathing. There are many valid reasons why people in the same household come down with similar symptoms, but germs are not one of them. It’s an unproven superstition.

In experiments, sick people were placed near healthy volunteers, sat close to them, sneezed, coughed on them, and even had bodily fluids placed in their noses and mouths. None of the volunteers got sick. Underlining that was a report in the British Medical Journal that “asymptomatic transmission of disease” does not exist. A study of almost 10 million people found “no evidence of asymptomatic transmission.” People without symptoms don’t make people sick. (1) So much for the logic behind masks.

What To Do?

Get back to basics – healthy food (avoid junk), good sleep, good relationships, clean water, plumbing, sewage, and waste disposal – these are what have gotten rid of the plagues of the past. It was never vaccines or drugs. The best foods are raw milk from grass-fed cows and goats, olive oil, coconut oil, butter, cream, ghee, lard, and tallow as fats/oils. Also, get a good water filter to remove toxic chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals.

To give your health a boost, get chiropractic care! Life is full of stress, falls, and accidents; your body will function better and be stronger with chiropractic care. Other forms of natural care, like chiropractic, remove blockages to energy and healing are traditional homeopathy, acupuncture, traditional osteopathy, traditional naturopathy, and many traditional detoxification practices.

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