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The Magic of Chiropractic

The Magic of the Chiropractic Adjustment

At the moment that you receive a chiropractic adjustment to correct your subluxations, hundreds, if not thousands, of your body functions and activities are affected. The flow of nerve impulses over your brain, spinal cord, spinal (and other) nerves to your internal organs and tissues are normalized, and your body begins to rebalance, renew and rebuild itself.

Many patients report a feeling of relaxation or a warm soothing feeling in various parts of their bodies. Some feel very relaxed or energetic, or both! Most people find that the health conditions that brought them to their chiropractor soon begin to lessen. Some people, however, may initially feel no difference. A person may initially feel muscle soreness or some other uncomfortable feeling after an adjustment.

What Causes These Reactions?

Some reactions are detoxification; it’s good to drink a lot of water afterward. Sometimes weak, underused muscles may become sore for a brief period as they strengthen.

Old injuries that haven’t healed completely may “reawaken” for more complete healing. Memories and feelings associated with the original injury may also come to the surface. This phenomenon is known as “retracing” and is part of the healing process.

Some people are in such good general health that they may feel no difference, while others may feel no difference for the opposite reason – they are so ill or toxic that they have lost sensitivity to their body.

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