January 2016 Issue
by Dr. Scott Van Dam

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Included in this month’s issue…

Our Connections

The illustration in this month’s newsletter might look like a strange collection of wires and body parts but it shows how your body communicates and connects so that all your parts work together to make you healthy and whole.

Your internal organs send messages to your brain and your brain sends messages back to your internal organs. This back and forth goes through a vast communications cable made up of hundreds of millions of nerves: your spinal cord. This is how your parts are connected.

This incredible “cable” of nerves or spinal cord goes down your back. You can’t see your spinal cord because it’s encased in a protective boney canal called the spinal column made up of 23 bones called vertebrae.

Your spinal column includes 7 neck or cervical vertebrae, 12 mid-back or thoracic vertebrae and 5 low back or lumbar vertebrae. Under the lumbars is a fused triangular bone called the sacrum and below that is your tiny tail bone or coccyx.

Also let’s not forget that between your vertebrae are discs – little shock absorbers to prevent your bones from crashing into one another every time you walk.

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For Your Health,

Dr. Scott Van Dam

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