Great Pain Relief As Nature Intended
by Dr. Scott Van Dam

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Natural Healthcare Fargo ND Pain ReliefAre you suffering with pain for so long that your constant search has led you no closer to the real problem?

The first thing you do know is that the pain is real and you also find that…

  • It can be intermittent or constant
  • It can be sharp, dull, in one spot or over a broader area
  • It can distract you at any time of the day
  • It can irritate you
  • It can hamper your lifestyle
  • It can control you… and even control those around you too!

In fact, pain can be so bad it can affect an entire family which emotionally then causes you more pain.

Pain – What is it?

PAIN: So what is it then? Well here’s the answer in simple terms.

Pain is a warning signal from your body. Pain tells you that your body has exceeded “some” physical, chemical or emotional limit – it can no longer adapt to handle it like is used to.

The Unfortunate Reality of Man’s Chemistry Solution to Pain Relief

The unfortunate truth is that over the last century man has been searching for pain solutions and cures in the chemistry lab.  While the pharmaceutical drugs created for pain relief have worked remarkably well temporarily, it has been the downfall for our society.  Today, our society has fallen under the belief that the cure to all of our ailments is to be found in a pill, lotion, or potion rather than to address the real cause to our low back pain, migraine headaches, carpal tunnel, knee pain, sciatica, poor posture, fatigue, period pain, neck pain, tension, weight problem, and the never ending list.  You see, the way these drugs work is to disable, for a short time, our brain’s ability to feel sensation of pain.  The pain’s still there, but we just can’t feel it!  It’s like placing a piece of duct tape over our oil light that is blaring at us on our car dashboard.  Just because we can’t see (or feel it), it doesn’t mean it’s not there!  The worst part is that when we temporarily can not feel the pain; our body has no way to stop us from injuring our body further by allowing us to do the activities that the pain would not normally allow us to do.

Although there have been incredible breakthroughs the real “wins” in health and pain relief have been proven to be when we have repaired our bodies naturally with the help of natural spinal correction (the foundation of your skeletal system), allowing natural repairs and restorations to our nervous system, plus physical rehabilitation and exercises to the muscles, joints, and discs which may be affected.

How We Can Help!

No one, especially me, likes to see you suffering with pain or any other condition. That is why everyone at our amazing office does ongoing seminars and trainings to have the most up-to-date information about technology to help us better help you.

My job, as your chiropractor, is to find the underlying cause of your pain by first providing you with an accurate analysis using the latest diagnostic tools.  These tests along with an in-depth consultation will help our team identify the cause of your pain so we may give you our best and precise recommendation to not only restore function but revitalize your body and nervous system back to its optimal performance and health.  Following these specific recommendations under the guidance of my wonderful team will allow you to again enjoy life and of course have others enjoy life around you too!

Call Today!  Life is to short to endure pain and unhappiness!

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For Your Health,

Dr. Scott Van Dam

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