February 2017 Issue
by Dr. Scott Van Dam

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Neck & Lower Back Pain

Did you know that neck and lower back pain often accompany one another? Nearly every chiropractic patient who complains of chronic or even occasional lower back pain reports that they have occasionally woken up with neck pain or neck stiffness. Coincidence?

It’s no coincidence – although your spine is made up of many different spinal bones (vertebrae) going from your lower back (lumbar area) up to the top of your neck (cervical area), your spine is one entire unit. Therefore, each part can affect the other parts.

By the way, that includes more than your spine. Your entire body may be affected: your arms, hands, legs, feet, head, internal organs, brain, muscles, tissues, glands and more may be affected.

Now you know why chiropractic care is so powerful. When your subluxations are located and corrected, your entire body benefits in many ways. Chiropractic helps your nerves communicate better so all your parts work together more efficiently.

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