The Germ Theory

Everybody, please calm down. You are safe. Really.  Germs are not lurking to get you. Hug each other, shake hands, even kiss – there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Why? Because the germ theory has never been proven. That’s right; it’s never been proven that germs cause disease.

The Germ Theory

The germ theory says every disease is caused by a germ. This is a relatively and yet-to-be-proven theory. Traditionally, the hygienic school of healing that is thousands of years old says germs don’t make you sick when your body is already sick (malnourished from eating the wrong foods, exposed to toxins, herbicides, pesticides, sleep deprived, subluxated, tired, weak, stressed) germs appear.  But the germs aren’t trying to kill you; instead, germs eat weak, diseased, dying, and toxic tissue.

Symptoms of fever, diarrhea, vomiting, rashes, eruptions, sweating, malaise, aches and pains are how your body heals. These symptoms are really mechanisms your body uses to restore balance (homeostasis). When your tissues are strong, germs cannot infect you.

It has never been shown that infections are contagious. There are many other causes of diseases than the unscientific theory that breathing an itty, bitty, teensy, microscopic germ will make you sick.

BJ Palmer, the developer of Chiropractic, has said, “If the germ theory were true, there would be no one alive to believe it.”

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