Does Being Married Really Make You Live Longer?
by Dr. Scott Van Dam

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Multiple studies have shown that people who are married tend to live longer than people who are single. However, is being married the only factor that determines this, or does the quality of the relationship contribute?

A Happy Marriage Leads To Less Stress

Another study has shown that those in a healthy, happy marriage lived longer than those in an unhealthy marriage. Scientists say that this is due to the reduced stress levels in a happy marriage and also the higher income and support. All of these factors contribute to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

However, only married couples were included in this study, thus single people were taken into account. Therefore, the study compared the effect of marital happiness on health, rather than the compared health of married and single people.

We usually think of aging as something that we can fight with medication or doing more exercise, but having a healthier, happier marriage can have a positive effect on the aging process. Engaging more frequently and positively with your partner will help to reduce stress levels and improve both of your spirits.

Married Men Drink Less Than Single Men…

Although their are studies that show married couples as being healthier than other couples, it seems that the key to long-term health is being involved in a stable, long-term relationships. Men, in particular, benefit greatly from this. A study has shown that men living alone were 66% more likely to experience a coronary event than those cohabiting with a partner. Another point noted was that married men tend to drink significantly less than single men. Research shows that in a group of 200,000 people the risk of mortality for men in a cohabiting relationship dropped by 80%, whereas the drop for women was only 59%. On the other hand, married women tended to drink more when they were married than when they were single. However, experts say that this may be due to the fact that people adjust their drinking levels to equal their partner.

So if you are currently single and still haven’t found that “right” person, don’t worry! Just keep in mind that being single is most likely healthier than being in an unhappy relationship or marriage.

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