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October 2016 Issue

Your Hips and Chiropractic – A Natural Alignment

You need them for a good golf swing, dancing, a healthy pregnancy and to support your spine (and head). They anchor your legs so you can walk and you sit on them too. They’re your hips!

Your hips are really two large bones (each made up of three fused bones) that are attached to your sacrum – the base of your spine. They are strapped to your sacrum with lots of ligaments. Around your hips are lots of tendons that attach to many muscles.

If your spine is out of alignment (it’s subluxated), your hips may “do the twist” causing one leg to appear shorter than the other.

One leg isn’t really shorter than the other. It just seems that way because your legs attach to your hips. If one hip is a little higher than the other, then one leg appears longer and one appears shorter. This is most obvious when you lie down. That’s why chiropractors sometimes have patients lie down (usually face down) to measure their leg length difference. This is one sign your body structure is off-balance.

Apart from causing problems with your tailor, uneven hips can cause unnatural wear and tear on your spine, arthritis and/or lumbar (lower back) disc bulging, any of which can lead to leg and sciatica pain. If your pubic bones (the front of your hips) are not aligned it may cause sacroiliac pain and pain during pregnancy and childbirth.

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Patient Newsletter – May 2013 Issue

It’s Spring — Welcome Baseball Season

Baseball is 90% mental, the other half is physical. – Lawrence P. “Yogi” Berra, American Baseball Hall of Famer. Except for the math Yogi was right and that’s why baseball and chiropractic go together so well.

Nearly a hundred years ago the New York Yankees became the first major league team to travel with a chiropractor. Richard van Rumpt, DC was chiropractor to Babe Ruth and the other Yankee greats (as well as many other famous people). It’s not just a matter of keeping baseball players free from injuries or getting them back in the game faster; chiropractic prevents injuries by keeping people balanced, with a natural range of motion, better focus and better brain-body communication — that’s where the 90% mental comes from. Every muscle in your body needs proper communication with your brain, over your nerves.

Chiropractic also helps your brain function better when we release stress on your spinal column. That’s why athletes say that chiropractic can give them the “winning edge.”

By the way, do you need a chiropractor for your little (and not so little) league team? Discuss it with us. Chiropractors work with teams but we also work with individual professional (and amateur) tennis, golf, football, gymnastics, track and field and other athletes as well.

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