The Crack in Chiropractic
by Dr. Scott Van Dam

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Adjustment Fargo ND CrackingIn my office I quite frequently hear that one of the scariest parts of going to a Chiropractic office is “well the fear that my head my be torn from my body but more importantly the sounds that sharply snap, crackle, and pop”.  As I explain more about what that sound is to my patients,  they relax and begin to enjoy the release (heard or unheard) and most of all the long lasting results they can achieve.

Sounds of An Adjustment

The sound you may here while receiving an adjustment is called an “audible” and the noise is simply the release of gas and air.  Your joints are filled with fluid and a cracking sound might occur when a carbon dioxide bubble is brought inside or outside of that fluid.  Just think of it as the sound a bubble makes when it pops.  Ligaments, which are fibrous bands that connect two bones over the joint, can sometimes move “too close” to the joint itself, rub against it and “snap”, creating also that cracking or popping sound.

As Chiropractors, we do not necessarily aim for audibles to occur, but move your body within it’s own limits that sometimes causes these natural noises.  Please remember that adjustments can occur without an audible!  One of our goals  is to help you figure out the cause of the cracking noise and how to avoid it by learning correct movements and improving the stabilization of the joints; which is achieved through strengthening the muscles around the joint and increasing flexibility.

The Crack

So before you decide to “crack your back” or “pop your neck” remember that what you are self adjusting or “popping” may not actually be the area that needs to be addressed.  For instance with neck pain, the issue may be with the top two vertebrae, but with self adjusting you may be actually stretching and moving the lower bones more each time, thus making the lower vertebrae more and more unstable.  This incorrect over self adjusting is one major causes of hyper-mobility which may lead to arthritis and degeneration in the spine.

When a trained chiropractor specifically “adjusts” the vertebrae that need to be re-aligned normal motion starts to be restored and revitalization of the area will occur.  It may take a few weeks for the ligaments and muscles to tighten up with the aid of strengthening exercises but the great result will be proper function and movement with lasting results.

Ready For The Right Pop!

Our expert team has been created for you.  We specialize in restoring and revitalizing function.  If you would like to begin feeling great and recapturing the quality of life you deserve call today and let us help you achieve those extraordinary results safely and correctly.

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For Your Health,

Dr. Scott Van Dam

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