Hope for Autism through Chiropractic Care
by Dr. Scott Van Dam

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Americans with developmental disabilities or autism will soon have a major new resource dedicated to providing a comprehensive array of services and support programs. On October 1, 2009, the Training, Education & Research Institute (TERI, Inc.) broke ground on the construction of the Charles R. Cono Center for Research & Life Planning. Located in North San Diego County, the $50 million campus will provide assistance to the increasing number of aging people with autism or other developmental disabilities.

Students at this facility will receive specialized schooling and vocational training. A two-story Fitness Center will include a gym, dance and yoga studios and indoor track. An equestrian center will offer riding facilities. An organic herb and vegetable garden and cafe will supply healthy and nutritious meals for students, staff, and visitors. And very importantly, a Chiropractic treatment center will be part of the Fitness Center. Given a 2006 study of chiropractic treatment for children with autism, this is very appropriate.

This study, listed on the website www.chiropracticresearch.org, reported on the results of Chiropractic treatment on fourteen children who had been diagnosed with autism. Half of them received treatment through the entire spine and half received Chiropractic treatment that focused on the upper cervical spine. Using standard criteria for testing autistic children’s communication, sociability, behavior and other factors, the children were monitored weekly for three months.

The results showed that improvement occurred in six of the seven children under upper cervical adjustment and in five of the seven children under full spine adjustment. In the upper cervical group, two of the children improved so much that they no longer met the criteria to be classified as autistic.

The most common improvements were seen in communication, verbal skills, eye contact, mood, and physical sport skills. By including Chiropractic in their array of services, the planners of the Charles R. Cono Center for Research & Life Planning are giving their future students their very best chance at an improved and healthy life.

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