Reduce Back Pain With Orthotics
by Dr. Scott Van Dam

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If your feet don’t get proper support from your footwear, activities such as walking, running, and jumping will force your body out of alignment, causing stress and fatigue to major joints and muscles, which in turn will cause pain and reduced performance. Devices commonly known as orthotics are highly recommended as they are designed to reinforce your feet, saving you from the pain and discomfort of a misaligned body.

Understanding the Need

The feet are the most abused parts of the human body. From regular activities such as walking and running to more intense actions such as dancing and playing sports, the feet consistently absorb the force generated by body weight and gravity combined. And without proper support, your feet will be overwhelmed by the constant stress. This will lead to arch pain or plantar fasciitis–a very common condition affecting the plantar fascia that can be difficult to treat if not looked after properly. Other conditions you may develop from unsupported arches include low back pain, neck pain, hip pain, and ankle pain. Most chronic low back pain is the result of some form of structural weakness or failure. If leg or foot asymmetries or misalignments exist, abnormal forces can interfere with spinal function and contribute to health concerns all along the Kinetic Chain—especially the generalized condition of “back pain.”

After an in-depth investigation, we chose Foot Levelers Orthotics for our patients. This determination was based on that over-the-counter orthotics support just one arch of the foot. Such generic products typically cause more harm than good by shifting pain and discomfort from one area of the body to another are not as durable and may result in more costs due to frequent replacement.

We Choose Excellence By Design

Our solution is to provide Fargo and the surrounding communities the very best support by implementing Foot Levelers Orthotics into our practice.

This is why we offer individually designed Functional Orthotics based on digital images or impressions of your feet. The customization will ensure that your orthotics are tailored to your specific functional needs for longer-term symptom relief, ensure better posture, and support chiropractic adjustments by getting orthotics made especially for you.

Want To Learn More?

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For Your Health,

Dr. Scott Van Dam

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