Allergy Season Is Here!
by Dr. Scott Van Dam

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Allergy Fargo ND HayfeverThe warmth of summer is finally here!  As we open the windows and doors, we may find that the increase in temperature coincides with the massive pollen levels that are causing an unwanted boost in cases of seasonal allergies, also known as allergic rhinitis.  This is unwanted news for those of us who anxiously awaited for summer to finally arrive.

So before you go and take all those medications or avoid going outdoors look at choosing a new solution to your seasonal allergies this summer season.

It All Begins Here

Allergies by nature do not occur spontaneously, each day we either build health or sickness in our body.  Small traumas even birth is self, long-term abuse and negligence, though unnoticeable at first, take their toll on the body over a period of time.  By the time your first allergy symptoms appear such as sneezing, coughing, runny nose, itchy eyes, headaches, and various other symptoms your body has already been experiencing interference or malfunction for some period of time—possibly years.

Children like adults should be living a full on active lifestyle.  With activities comes bumps, falls, collisions in sports or autos,  and poor posture with repetition in our relaxation times.  Any of these things are enough to cause a spinal misalignment.  Left uncorrected, these will also begin to take their toll on the body.  Lowering the ability of the body to be well will make it less able to concentrate, less able to fight off disease, less able to coordinate and harmonize, less able to make the food that is eaten into usable form, and less able to clean the blood of toxins.  It will make it less able to make the proper chemicals or the proper amount to control all the body’s functions, and less able to be strong, flexible and healthy.

Great Natural Health Solution for the Whole Family!

We have been able to help hundreds of families restore health and vitality back into their lives through Chiropractic Care and our Spinal Educational Programs.  Our goal is to empower and support our patients with knowledge and tools to regain a level of health and vitality they have not previously experienced.

Many people are concerned about the forcefulness of an adjustment on a child or infant.  That would be a legitimate concern if all patients received the same adjustment.  Thankfully, they do not. Each person is adjusted according to their age, their size, their health condition and their spinal misalignments.

Contact us today so you and your family can begin to experience a better quality of life through better health!

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For Your Health,

Dr. Scott Van Dam

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